The new District Superior visiting the Masai

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The new District Superior is a Swiss priest, Rev. Fr. Henry WUILLOUD. Worthy son of his native country, he likes the mountains and beautiful Swiss music with its famous and joyous "yodelling".
He came to visit the Kenyan priory in March. Apart from his joy in discovering our great mission and school, he had a chance to discover the Masai people in the countryside surrounding Nairobi. After two hours driving through roads and paths, and another hour walking amongst the hills; we arrived in a Masai village, where the Chief together with his wives and children, but also with his donkeys, sheep and many cows; welcomed us with his favourite meal, a freshly braised lamb!
It is so rare for a priest to visit the Masai people  as they are so attached to their culture and so far from the things of the Christian Faith. Nevertheless, they will surely keep good memories of our visit, and thanks to Fr. Wuilloud because the Maasai children have learned to "yodelling" in the green pasturage of the Kenyan hills!

Building goes ahead!

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While the pupils have taken possession of the six classrooms in the northern wing of the new building, the work still goes ahead on the site. Yes, the construction is not yet finished!
On the first floor, we are finishing a 7th classroom, as well as an office and a staffroom. On the second floor, we must complete an apartment for our three dear Sisters, who are currently still camping in a provisional classroom on the ground floor. Finally, we must finish the outside plastering and painting of the walls.
Our supervisor Joseph is still around, who is working hard every day; though with a smaller team of workers!
The project still goes ahead, and every day we are presented with challenges and rewards!

Prizing day

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School photograph

In February, we were honoured to receive a visit from Rev. Fr. Niklaus PFLUGER, First Assistant General of the Society of St Pius X. It was a great opportunity to take a beautiful photograph in front of the new building! Here we are, the beautiful family of Holy Cross Academy: 12 teachers and 130 pupils, all under the paternal supervision of the Priests, Brother and Sisters!

Some days later, before the mid-term holiday, the Head Mistress proclaimed the pupils' results and rewarded the best students with some prizes!

The Head Mistress amongst her pupils

Head Mistress Pamela is rewarding a good student